Since our inception almost 2 years ago, we have been steadily growing in the field of customized design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of Suspended Access Equipment (SAE). SAE is used in high rise construction projects for a variety of applications including exterior wall construction, glass panel installation and repair, painting, decoration, cleaning and maintenance etc.
           We offer the best quality standard SAE components such as suspenders, safety locks, brakes, counter weights, hoists and electrical control systems to meet customer needs of safety reliability, longevity and cost. We also design and manufacture customized cradles to create a perfect fit for specific customer needs. We have an experienced team to advise our customers on designing efficient and effective SAE systems, installing the systems, providing support and maintenance and ensuring a safe and productive experience.We are also expanding our offerings on the services front, starting with facade cleaning services.
Skyrise is a sister concern of Jayco Safety Products, which manufactures and resells a wide range of industrial safety products. "Established in 1979, Jayco's mission" has been to improve industrial safety and productivity. We are a leader and highly trusted name in this field.